Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

 Target   Case studies
Inclusive and sustainable industrialisation For the UN Global Compact, we created a guide recognising the growing role of in-house counsel in fostering sustainable business. We interviewed over 40 General Counsel to arrive at a set of conclusions that demonstrate the influence of senior lawyers in driving sustainability within their organisations.

We assisted B Lab in creating legal frameworks in a number of countries to support the use of business to achieve positive social change  The result has been the creation of a new type of corporate entity: the “benefit corporation” which can give the pursuit of social and environmental impact the same attention as profit. Our work included evaluating existing corporate laws, recommending language to be included in constitutional documentation of entities under existing laws to best achieve B Lab’s goals also identifying  recommended changes to applicable laws to improve the legal framework. This project achieved recognition as being ‘Standout’ in the social responsibility category of the FT North America Innovative Lawyers 2014.
Increase access of small-scale enterprises to markets We have a longstanding partnership with the School for Social Entrepreneurs, an international charity working in the UK, Canada, Australia and India. The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) is a charity that supports people using entrepreneurial approaches to tackle complex social problems. SSE invests in individuals from all backgrounds who have practical ideas for change supporting people to start, sustain, and scale social enterprises, charities and community projects. Linklaters provide  bursaries and mentors to start-up entrepreneurs in the UK, and pro bono advice to SSE directly, as well as some of their entrepreneurs. This includes licensing agreements, funding MOUs and online disclaimers.