Natura Gracia

Partner | Competition/Antitrust | London

We all need role models and inspiration in our careers. Listening to stories and learning from each other’s experiences reminds us that not everyone’s route to success is the same – there can be many ways to achieve our ambitions.

Natura Gracia

That’s why we are delighted to introduce our new interview series, ‘My Career Story.’ Each month, we will hear from one of the leading minds that make up our firm, and learn more about their personal career journey. We chat to them about their path to Linklaters, their inspirations and role models, how they navigated challenges and set-backs, and the best career advice they received. There are also a few curve ball questions for good measure!

We hope that one or more of these stories will resonate with you and help in your own career journey. Having an agile mindset in our approach to careers is not only key to bringing out the best in ourselves, but also to Empowering our Teams as a whole.

First up - Natura Gracia, Partner in our Competition/Antitrust practice in London. Thank you to Natura and each of our interviewees for agreeing to my personal request to be interviewed.