Hydrogen in the Americas: the United States and Latin America

With the recent global focus on decarbonization and energy security, clean hydrogen is seen by many as being an integral part of the future global energy mix and key to achieving a fully functioning net zero economy. This note provides an overview of the current state of play of hydrogen in the United States and a number of countries in Latin America, namely Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru.

Despite the challenges that each of these countries face in developing a hydrogen economy, there has already been significant interest and mobilization of resources in the private sector to actively pursue projects in many of these countries. In particular, green hydrogen presents an opportunity to build upon the rapidly expanding renewables sector and to enable hydrogen to play a significant role in decarbonizing the global economy.

For further information on other jurisdictions or on hydrogen generally, please refer to our report “Getting Hy? Ambition and the art of the possible in the search for a hydrogen economy”.