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Navigating the NSIA: A series

The UK National Security and Investment Act 2021 started applying on 4 January 2022. The Act radically overhauls foreign investment screening in the UK, by creating a standalone regime with some of the highest levels of scrutiny in the world.

It is not limited to foreign investment, applying to UK investors too. It has an incredibly broad jurisdictional scope and no de minimis turnover, monetary value or market share thresholds.

The Act provides for a hybrid regime with (i) a mandatory regime for the 17 most sensitive economic sectors; and (ii) a voluntary regime for other areas of the economy.

In this series, we feature a number of resources, including a high-level summary of the key provisions of the Act, together with podcasts and blog posts dealing with specific aspects of this new regime.

National Security and Investment Act 2021: Q&A

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Linklaters Global Foreign Investment Podcast Series

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7 Questions on the New UK Foreign Investment Regime with Nicole Kar and Neil Hoolihan

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Antitrust & Foreign Investment Outlook for 2022

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