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ESG Legal Outlook 2023

We take a look at ESG trends across eight regions. Download each regional outlook below.

Read our global ESG Legal Outlook where we explore the key ESG themes for the year.

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Looking ahead at the key global ESG themes in 2023

Solar panels on green fields

Net zero and energy transition

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Snow melting on mountain

Greenwashing and litigation risks

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trees growing on buildings

Sustainable finance

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spiral staircase

Increased ESG regulation and disclosure requirements

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Triangle panels

New human rights and environmental due diligence requirements

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highway bridge

ESG in M&A

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ariel view of mountain

Continued investor engagement and shareholder activism on ESG issues

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ariel city view

Social aspects of ESG on the rise

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In a recent webinar, our global team discussed the
key themes from the Outlook and what they mean for business

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