The Linklaters Foundation is proud to announce the signing of a partnership with the Palais de Tokyo

A lever for solidarity mediation 

After the Foundation’s recent partnership with the Army Museum (revoir ma formule), the Linklaters Foundation is working with young people under judicial protection as part of a partnership with the Palais de Tokyo.

The aim of this programme is to help each young person to familiarise themselves with the cultural domain and contemporary creation, but in particular, to develop their sensitivity and creativity, to teach them to work collaboratively but also to accentuate their technical skills with relation to their contribution to an artistic project. It should also enable young people to build their own cultural markers and to refine their personal judgements. Each stage is accompanied by a cultural mediator who oversees the entire project.

Taking the form of tailor-made workshops, the projects implemented aim to raise young people's awareness of contemporary creation and the different forms it can take. What makes these workshops unique is the placing of artists at the heart of the system: each artist initiating and supervising his or her workshop times.

This partnership reflects the desire to raise awareness amongst audiences distanced from culture and contemporary art in general and is fully in line with the Linklaters Foundation's mission and pro bono vocation.

Palais de Tokyo

Since its opening in 2002, the Palais de Tokyo has been committed to promoting access to culture for audiences far from or unfamiliar with cultural institutions, thus fighting, together with its partners, including the Ministry of Justice, against discrimination in the cultural domain. In 2008, the Palais de Tokyo re-joined the mission “Vivre ensemble” initiated by the Ministry of Culture: it is a mission which nowadays includes around 30 cultural establishments who, responding to a need for exchanges and mutualisation, have been able to work in a network to develop a mechanism for social groups, relying on people who are in regular contact with these groups in situations of exclusion, social or economic vulnerability.

La Fondation Linklaters

In line with the initiatives undertaken to date and the firm’s values of innovation and creativity, the Linklaters Foundation, chaired by Anne Wachsmann-Guigon, was launched in 2015 and acts according to cornerstones: solidarity teaching aiming to fight against the different forms of exclusion in education (support from the Ecole de la 2ème Chance, the Réseau Etincelle…) and cultural sponsorship which promotes artistic development both in terms of creativity (partner in the Picasso Bleu et rose exhibition at the Musée d’Orsay in 2018) and education (Le Bal et La Source).