Carole Nerguararian

Carole Nerguararian

Partner, Paris

Partner Promotions 2021

Carole joined the firm in 2009 as an Associate before being promoted to the position of Counsel in 2018. Carole has in-depth expertise in the French restructuring and insolvency arena. She specialises in complex domestic and cross-border restructurings, both in the framework of out-of-court and formal insolvency proceedings, where she advises all types of stakeholders. Her practice covers all aspects of financial and operational restructurings, including insolvency-related litigations.

As part of her contribution to community investment initiatives, Carole leads the Circle, the female lawyers network in the Paris office.

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

I am passionate, hard-working and always positive.

What is an interesting fact about you or a surprising skill you have?

Because it is never too late to take up a new challenge, I have started to learn to surf and would never miss a surf session when I go back to my native South West region.