Customer and conduct of business

Without customers, banks and financial services institutions would not exist. Do you have all the boxes ticked to meet your obligations while growing your business?

Building and maintaining a relationship of trust and confidence, through a firm’s approach to its customers and its conduct of business is critical to business success as well as a firm’s more general standing in the market. Unsurprisingly, this is an area where a significant volume of law and regulation exists to inform or dictate the approach a firm must take in relation to its customers. 

In this section we explore some of these obligations by reference to the stages of a typical customer lifecycle, considering: 

  • ethical challenges which can arise in the context of product design and development;
  • how a firm should tailor its approach to new customers and clients;
  • particular considerations relevant to existing customers and clients; and
  • cross-cutting conduct of business issues which are relevant to organisational ethics, including competition, financial crime, data and technology. 
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