GCR Digital Markets Guide - Third Edition

Data and Privacy in EU Merger Control

Data remains a cause célèbre in competition policy, and the past three years have seen European competition regulators put key ideas concerning data-intensive markets into practice. In particular, the conditional clearances by the EuropeanCommission of Google/Fitbit (2020) and LSE/Refinitiv (2021) have set new ground rules that the Commission has subsequently put into practice. 

Read more on the crucial developments to European Data and Privacy in Merger Control, written by Gerwin Van Gerven, Annamaria Mangiaracina, Will Leslie and Lodewick Prompers, in the third edition of the GCR Digital Markets Guide.

This article was first published on Global Competition Review in December 2023; for further in-depth analysis, please visit the GCR Digital Markets Guide - Third Edition.