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Competition Litigation

Our competition litigation practice is at the forefront of the market. With our help, clients gain competitive advantage by successfully navigating rapidly evolving competition litigation landscapes around the world.

We have leading expertise across all key competition enforcement centres. Our specialist competition litigators combine technical expertise with strategic advice to pursue or defend claims on behalf of our clients before national courts across Europe, before the EU courts, the US courts and elsewhere. We work seamlessly across offices to represent clients in multi-jurisdictional litigation, ensuring a common approach and streamlined efficiencies.

We advise and represent clients in large, complex, often funded private litigation and class actions for competition law breaches. We also advise on complex procedural and substantive issues arising in criminal and civil investigations and dawn raids conducted by national competition authorities and the European Commission, as well as associated appeals. We also advise on preliminary references to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

We assist clients by:

  • defending them against damages claims resulting from regulatory findings or standalone allegations of breaches of competition law, including collective actions
  • advising and representing them in actions for damages for breaches of competition law
  • advising on complex procedural and substantive issues arising in the context of criminal and civil investigations and dawn raids conducted by national competition authorities and the European Commission
  • advising on appeals against decisions of national competition and regulatory authorities and the European Commission
  • advising on various preliminary references to the Court of Justice of the European Union relating to the incompatibility of domestic legislation with EU law

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Examples of our current mandates


We represent Sony PlayStation in the highly publicised abuse of dominance competition class action brought in the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal.

Interchange fees

We represent a large payment services provider in numerous large, complex, funded group proceedings and opt-in and opt-out CPO class actions brought by major retailers in the UK, who allege that multilateral interchange fees on card transactions were levied in breach of EU and UK competition laws. We also advise in respect of threatened and live parallel proceedings in Germany, Belgium and Israel.

Foreign exchange

We represent a major global bank in defence of large group proceedings brought by financial institutions in the UK and in the US alleging breach of EU, UK and US competition laws relating to FX benchmark manipulation.

Air cargo

We represent three major airlines in damages actions relating to the air cargo cartel before English, Dutch and US courts, involving large numbers of claimants from diverse sectors and raising novel points of law.

Car parts

We represent a major car parts manufacturer in respect of threatened and issued competition damages proceedings in the English and German courts relating to the Commission’s thermal systems and alternators and starters decisions.

CRT/CRT glass

We represent a major electronics group in proceedings brought in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark in respect of the CRT and CRT glass cartels. We also successfully challenged the jurisdiction of the English courts at first instance in parallel proceedings brought before the English High Court.

ATM fees

We represent a large payment services provider in numerous large proceedings brought by German banks and a UK ATM operator before the German and UK courts, who allege that direct access fees on cash withdrawals were levied in breach of EU, German and UK competition laws.


We represent a defendant in UK High Court proceedings brought by Phones4U, which alleges that various telecom operators acted in concert to engineer its downfall by unlawfully colluding to terminate supply of phones to the retailer.

Orange juice

We represent a defendant in group litigation brought by a large number of fruit growers in the UK against Brazil’s largest orange juice producer alleging price-fixing and related cartel activities.

Digital Store

We represent an interactive entertainment company in defence of a class action alleging that it has abused a dominant position in the interactive entertainment market.

Online price comparison

We represented a large comparison website in its successful appeal of a 2020 infringement decision by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority and parallel opt-out collective action issued in the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal by Home Insurance Consumer Action, which has now been withdrawn in light of the successful appeal.

Pharmaceutical products

We represent two companies in respect of appeals against decisions of the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority finding excessive pricing in the pharmaceuticals sector and associated litigation risk.

Internet search

We represent a technology company in its UK High Court action alleging various abuses of dominance by Google and its intervention in Google’s appeal against the Commission’s comparison-shopping decision.


We advise a major car manufacturer in respect of threatened and existing litigation in the UK relating to the Commission’s AdBlue decision.

App Store

We represent a multinational technology group in a class action filed by a local consumer association in Portugal alleging abuse of dominance in respect of practices relating to our client’s App Store.

Electronic complaints book

We represent a multinational technology group in a class action filed by a local consumer association relating to the implementation of the electronic complaints book in the Portuguese market.

Beauty products

We advise a global beauty and healthcare group in an appeal against a decision of the Portuguese Competition Authority in relation to an alleged price fixing agreement in the Portuguese beauty and healthcare retail distribution market.


We represent a multinational food and beverage company against a putative nationwide class action in the Southern District of New York alleging tying and deceptive warranty claims.


We represent a contribution defendant in Dutch civil litigation proceedings in relation to the alleged Dutch bitumen cartel.

Medical gas

We represent a medical gas supplier in the first abuse of dominance prosecution before the Hong Kong Competition Tribunal.


We represent a leading food ingredient manufacturer in the first prosecution of alleged resale price maintenance in the Hong Kong Competition Tribunal.


We represented a party in the first cartel prosecution in the Hong Kong Competition Tribunal and the Court of Appeal and related settlement process.

Power cables

We represent a defendant in relation to appeals of the European Commission’s power cables decision and in related follow-on proceedings and contribution claims in the Netherlands and the UK.

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When litigation is unavoidable, we weigh business objectives against legal, commercial and reputational risk to determine the best path to success – whether through settlement or a fight. We analyse negotiating weaknesses and devise optimal procedural tactics or creative settlement approaches, executing as promptly and as cost effectively as possible.

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Linklaters’ antitrust & foreign investment team is one of the world’s leading antitrust law practices.

With 27 partners and over 120 dedicated lawyers, we help clients successfully navigate fast-evolving competition and foreign investment laws across the globe. Our approach is to combine a deep understanding of clients’ businesses and strategies with our know-how of the regulatory landscape – and to rely on our credibility with public sector decision-makers. The result is a clear track record of innovation in dealing effectively with complex global, EU and domestic transactional and behavioural matters.

Our seamlessly integrated global team is strengthened by strategic alliances with top-tier law firms in Australia, Africa, India and South-East Asia.

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Our dispute resolution lawyers are trained in the use of every technique to resolve a dispute. Outside the court room we have a proven track record of representing parties in mediations and utilising many other alternative methods of dispute resolution.

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Banks and other financial institutions face a considerable variety of issues which have the potential to lead to litigation. They need strategic advice which is aligned with the requirements of the relevant business area and the wider institution, including consideration of regulatory, reputational and financial risk which comes with litigious matters. At Linklaters, we provide that expertise and have recently worked with clients on some of the largest and most complex disputes in the sector.

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The group’s global insolvency litigators focus on complex, cross-border collapses of institutions, funds and corporations. They draw on expertise from Linklaters’ global specialists in complementary practice areas, including structured finance, derivatives, and capital markets.

Creditors, debtors, companies facing financial crisis, financial institutions asserting or facing potential claims and insolvency practitioners such as appointed liquidators trust Linklaters to handle the most complex and high profile restructurings and corporate collapses. A co-ordinated global response to cases allows the firm to deal with any issue as it arises.

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We have one of the longest-standing privacy and cyber security teams in Europe and have been advising clients since the inception of data protection laws more than 20 years ago.

We have frequent contact with the European Commission, the UK Treasury, Home Office and other government departments, the U.S. Department of Financial Services, the U.S. Secret Service, The Federal Bureau of Investigations and the U.S. Department of the Treasury, as well as data protection regulators around the world. These relationships mean that should an incident occur, we have the relationships in place to support our clients as required.

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In-house teams are facing increasing demands to effectively manage legal spend, a more rigorous focus on internal risk management and an expanding scope of the role of legal counsel in their businesses.

We seek to address these needs and pressures by ensuring a tailored approach for each of the matters we work on, whilst maintaining innovation, quality, efficiency and cost control at the core of all we do.

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The firm has a proven track record of advising on energy disputes throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas, using litigation, arbitration and ADR.

Working with the firm’s pre-eminent global energy and infrastructure team, Linklaters’ disputes team appears on the most complex energy and infrastructure disputes. The team’s track record includes cases involving the world’s biggest oil production platform and the world’s biggest automated air cargo facility.

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In recent years there has been a paradigm shift in the importance and frequency of foreign investment reviews as part of the deal process. An increasing number of jurisdictions have introduced rules restricting foreign investment or have strengthened existing rules.

At Linklaters, we continue to develop our market-leading experience and know-how in this rapidly evolving area, in order to remain ahead of the curve. This involves, in the current environment, remaining up to speed with the highly dynamic environment and many reforms being enacted around the globe.

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The world’s leading businesses rely on the firm’s specialist disputes team to devise the appropriate strategy to handle complex, cross-border and high-value M&A litigation.

The group advises on all aspects of private and public M&A litigation and related issues around the world. Linklaters’ litigators are experienced in all aspects of M&A transactions and have industry-leading expertise in disputes relating to public offers and warranty agreements.

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The Pensions Dispute Resolution Group deals with the most difficult, complex and high value pension disputes in the UK. Most work we do for our clients never becomes known. We are expert at resolving and avoiding disputes. We always take the most proactive and constructive approach, avoiding going to Court if we can. However, we are always ready to fight our client’s corner.

We have been at the cutting edge of pensions cases for over 30 years starting with Courage - one of the first ever pensions cases.

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The firm is the adviser of choice for banks, lawyers, accountants, counsel, surveyors and other professionals in the largest and most complex cases.

Professional negligence lawyers at Linklaters focus exclusively on complex, high-value disputes that threaten the business and reputation of clients. Much of the team’s experience derives from representing large accountancy firms, on whose behalf Linklaters has built a leading practice in professional negligence litigation and investigatory/disciplinary proceedings.

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The group comprises specialist real estate, insolvency, property finance, environment and construction litigators. Clients, including developers, lenders, and insolvency practitioners together with institutional landlords and occupational tenants, value the group’s experience across all real estate sectors.

Linklaters is the preferred choice for leading multinational companies looking for first-class property litigation expertise. Clients often approach the Property and Finance Litigation Group, in preference to their day-to-day legal advisers, to act on complex one-off disputes.

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Public & administrative law is a crucial offering at Linklaters in Europe. Linklaters’ pan-European expertise is long-standing in all fields of regulatory, administrative and environmental law aspects, including State aid, public procurement as well as urban planning. In addition, we advise on issues related to foreign investments and possible barriers to enter the French market.

Our specialists are involved in major innovative and complex transactions, advising corporates, commercial banks, public funded entities, local authorities and national governments. We have advised on a comprehensive range of PFI/PPPs, procurement tendering processes and public sector financings, in particular in the framework of economic stimulus plans. We also regularly assist clients in contentious administrative proceedings.

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