Workplace activism: In conversation with Financier Worldwide

In a recent article published by Financier Worldwide, Nicola Rabson and Laurie Ollivent from the Employment & Incentives team speak about workplace activism: what it means, the risks and opportunities, the factors that drive activism in the workplace, whether leaders are well-equipped to respond to activist employees and the potential consequences if leaders fail to listen and respond appropriately. 

Along with the risks, there are opportunities brought by workplace activism. It can drive change and challenge assumptions.” - Nicola Rabson

We are increasingly seeing activism relating to political and climate issues which individuals want their employers to take a stance on.” – Laurie Ollivent 

You can read our full article with Financier Worldwide here - Workplace activism — Financier Worldwide

You can also find out more about workplace activism on our dedicated webpage. If you have any queries or would like to speak to a member of the team about these issues and what it means for your business, do get in touch.