Pensions Ombudsman Focus Autumn 2022 edition


Welcome to Pensions Ombudsman Focus for the Autumn 2022 period. In this edition, we look at six recent complaints to the Pensions Ombudsman, including:

  • a decision in relation to a transfer case which emphasises the limited extent of the diligence process required for transfers before the new conditions for transfer regulations came into force; 
  • a decision in relation to delays to a transfer case which highlights that a delay in itself will not warrant the payment of a distress and inconvenience award where the same result would have occurred if there were no undue delay;
  • a decision illustrating how the Ombudsman will apportion responsibility for taxation in the context of a death benefit case following delays in payment at the collective fault of the beneficiaries, trustee and employer;
  • a decision regarding discretionary benefits which were paid to certain members and not others which demonstrates that the Ombudsman will consider whether the decision was made in the correct manner;
  • a decision in relation to a member who received an incorrect account of the value of his benefits which he alleged formed the basis of his decision to accept a voluntary redundancy offer; and
  • a decision concerning the recovery of overpayments, which demonstrates the importance of trustees acting promptly where a member may raise a defence on the basis of statutory limitation periods.

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