Collective Redress

Class actions, representative claims and other forms of collective redress procedures are becoming increasingly common in commercial litigation. These procedures allow a potentially huge number of claimants with similar or related interests to join together to bring a combined action against a defendant or group of defendants in court proceedings. Collective actions are ideally suited to the resolution of losses resulting from damage with widespread impact, such as large-scale data breaches, claims resulting from environmental or pharmaceutical harms and breaches of consumer rights, and may involve parties from many jurisdictions in a single court action. Handled appropriately, collective actions can offer benefits to both claimants and defendants alike.

However, the practice and availability of collective redress procedures differ across jurisdictions. Our lawyers are experienced in advising businesses potentially facing mass claims in a variety of situations. Teams from across our global practice work seamlessly together to handle disputes proceeding in multiple courts, using our knowledge of local laws and procedures to achieve the most effective outcome for our clients. Because we understand the complexities and differences in approach to dispute resolution across different countries, we provide our clients with market-leading legal expertise and advice, exploring the risks and opportunities businesses may face in global litigation while aiming to mitigate the risks.