Real Estate Talking Points: “Back to the Future”: The 24 Hour High Street

It goes without saying that recent events have accelerated the decline of the traditional high street and placed great strain on the retail sector as a whole. Many bricks and mortar retail empires have succumbed to the new age of digital retailers. However, the limits of the purely digital world have been keenly felt and fatigue has set in. As the Covid-19 pandemic recedes, consumers will return and whilst online shopping is clearly here to stay, the high street will retain its place at the centre of the physical and digital environment, albeit it might look a little different than previously once the cycle of obsolescence, consolidation and repurposing is complete.

In our latest Talking Points article, Imogen Jones and Rory Bennett explore the future of the property industry and the retail players within it as they work with communities and businesses to innovatively adapt existing space from an economic, social and general well-being perspective.

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