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Antitrust & Foreign Investment Outlook for 2022

Is 2022 the year regulators have been waiting for?

As 2022 arrives, the global trend towards greater regulation and intervention continues unabated. Revamped competition laws and the sustained spread of foreign investment (FI) regimes are taking centre-stage for policymakers and regulators. More than ever before, ensuring better-functioning markets - while protecting national interests - is now seen as critical for achieving governments’ goals of ‘building back better’ from the pandemic in 2022.

These trends certainly stretch back pre-pandemic. However, we expect that 2022 will be a game-changer. After years of policy discussions and legislative proposals, competition and FI authorities will have new legislation and tools at their disposal – with even more significant reforms likely to arrive on the statute books. These will likely soon be put to use as authorities seek to step up enforcement.

The outlook for 2022 is, therefore, a year of testing the waters for dealmakers, as they grapple with a variety of reforms, new rules coming into force and increasing regulatory interventionism across jurisdictions and legal areas.

To find out more, listen to our experts from across the globe in our Outlook for 2022 podcast, or download our Outlook for 2022 report.

Antitrust & Foreign Investment
Outlook for 2022

For a deep dive on the hot topics for 2022 and to find out what your business should be aware of next year, download our Outlook 2022 report

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Antitrust & Foreign Investment Outlook for 2022 Podcasts:
Our Experts Discuss

Listen to our Outlook for 2022 podcast, in which partners from across the globe discuss the most important developments and issues we expect to see in 2022. From key trends in merger control and antitrust enforcement to upcoming rule changes for tech businesses, sustainability initiatives and online sales, our expert team share their insights and predictions on some of the main challenges facing your business in 2022.

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