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Employment & Incentives

At a glance: What to expect in 2022

Employment & Incentives: At a glance: What to expect in 2022

Happy new year!

Here are the employment and incentives issues to watch out for in the next 12 months: our "What to expect in 2022" for all businesses operating in the UK, listed companies, and the financial services sector.

These include: 

  • Continued impact of the pandemic on executive pay design and payouts; 

  • The future of the workplace; 

  • Equality, diversity and pay reporting developments; 

  • Expected reform of non-compete clauses;

  • New family rights and protections;

  • Implementing the IFPR pay rules for investment firms and embedding CRD V changes for banks; and

  • ESG issues for corporates and the financial sector.

We will monitor developments in all these areas and keep you updated throughout 2022 in our monthly “At a glance” publication.

Best wishes for a steady and successful 2022 from the Employment & Incentives group.

January 2022

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At a glance:

Employment & Incentives What to expect in 2022

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