At a Glance: Governance and Risk

Autumn 2023

The latest edition of our UK Governance and Risk guide covers developments relating to:

  • climate and ESG matters, including the ongoing development of UK and EU disclosure frameworks,
  • the progress of governance and audit reforms, including the proposed new reporting regulations which will affect very large UK companies,
  • caselaw, market information and guidance relevant to UK directors, as well as the new duty to protect consumers of financial services and products,
  • cyber-related issues, including a look at the use of AI, how to protect supply chains, UK laws relevant to digital assets and new US disclosure requirements,
  • the latest measures to combat economic crime, support UK sanctions and increase corporate transparency,
  • developments aimed at encouraging diversity and inclusion in the workforce,
  • the current position on the revoking of retained EU law,
  • ongoing activities aimed at shaking up the UK’s financial services regime and enhancing Britain’s competitiveness, and
  • for UK listed companies, new investor guidance on requisitioning resolutions at shareholder meetings, an update on Say on Climate resolutions, and streamlined requirements for electronic annual financial statements.