Team Moves: Poached and Poacher

As governments look to facilitate economic recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic, post-termination restraints of trade can be seen as a barrier to innovation and competition, or a necessary tool to protect legitimate business interest. With talk of the great resignation and ongoing war for talent, team moves and departures of key personnel can pose a serious risk for businesses or provide a new asset. 

Whilst we await the Government’s consultation response on the future of non-competes in the UK, we have prepared a new dedicated webpage for materials, commentary and resources for employers on managing team moves and the enforceability of restraints of trade. This also includes a global guide outlining the headline issues for employers to be mindful of when seeking to enforce restrictive covenants across key jurisdictions, noting the enforceability can vary across jurisdiction, from what is considered reasonable and market practice, to whether they are even permissible under local laws. 

You can visit our new dedicated webpage here.

Please do reach out to a member of the team if you would like to discuss these issues further.