Quality education

Target Case studies

By 2030, ensure equal access for all women and men to

affordable and quality technical, vocational and tertiary

education, including university

We support The Access Project (TAP) in the UK, a charity aiming to improve access to top universities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. TAP train and support our staff to provide students with one-to-one tuition at GCSE and A level. Some 63% of TAP students go on to study at highly selective universities compared to 18% of state school students overall.

By 2030, substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship 

Supporting young people or those from underrepresented groups to develop their skills and realise their aspirations is a key focus of our social impact programmes. By working in partnership with local charities, social enterprises, schools and community groups, we help individuals who may otherwise be “hard to reach” to aim high and achieve their goals, promote equal access to opportunities and ultimately diversify representation in business and society. 


We work with Cooperativa Sao Pedro de Barcarena in Lisbon, which supports children, young people and adults with special needs and those who have difficulty in adapting to society or the world of work. Our ongoing pro bono legal advice helps them to further their work transcending the challenges of their clients in securing employment.


We partnered with the East London Business Alliance and our clients to upskill local residents and empower communities in Hackney, London. Linklaters volunteers have supported numerous initiatives designed to develop the employability skills and boost aspirations of east Hackney residents facing unemployment, underemployment and a range of socio-economic challenges, from one-off employment workshops and CV reviews, to long-term leadership coaching and board membership positions.

By 2030, eliminate gender disparities in education and ensure equal access to all levels of education and vocational training for the vulnerable, including persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples and children in vulnerable situations 

Our support of the Independent Panel for Special Educational Advice sees our lawyers in the UK providing free advice and representation to parents and carers of young people with additional needs, ensuring they get the support to which they are entitled.


Camfed tackles poverty and inequality by supporting marginalised girls to go to school and succeed, and by empowering young women to step up as leaders of change. Our longstanding partnership began in 2011 with a substantial review of their governance model. Most recently, we provided pro bono and financial assistance to a new report on how Camfed's alumni movement of young women leaders, CAMA, is becoming a powerful new force in international development. CAMA spurs remarkable change as young women from rural communities use their education to benefit others, and work to break the cycle of poverty for good.

By 2030, ensure that all youth and a substantial proportion of adults, both men and women, achieve literacy and numeracy 

Pop Up is a growing literacy charity which we are assisting in developing an interactive website to encourage reading amongst children. For several years we have supported their programmes in Hackney, helping thousands of young people discover a love for language and story-telling. We have also provided a range of pro bono advice to help them grow safely and to protect much of their unique knowledge and learning.


In South Africa, we work with help2read, enabling 480 children to receive over 17,000 hours of tutoring in eight primary schools.


In partnership with NGOs on the ground and driven by our people in our local offices, we have supported the development and education of vulnerable children in China, Thailand and Indonesia through programmes that provide resources, mentoring, opportunities and support for reading and learning.