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The EU Pay Transparency Directive

Pay Transparency and Equal Pay: The European Landscape

In our client publication, we look at some of the key European jurisdictions and the degree of change that will be required to comply with the Directive’s obligations. Explore the publication to find out more, including which countries should expect the biggest shift in law and practice from the introduction of the Directive. 

Clients can download a copy of the guide here
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Listen to ‘Mind the (Gender Pay) Gap’, our bite-sized podcast series, where legal experts from across our global Employment & Incentives team reflect on the current landscape on pay transparency and equal pay in their jurisdiction and consider the impact of the EU Pay Transparency Directive. As businesses begin to navigate the changes required, our experts provide their observations on how employers can start to prepare.

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EU Pay Transparency Directive published in the OJEU

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European Parliament adopts Pay Transparency Directive: addressing the gender pay gap

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The upcoming revolution in remuneration structures and policies

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