Organisations are shaped by the people who work there. Find out in this section how the approach you take in relation to your workforce can impact the ethical outcomes which your firm wishes to achieve.

One of the most critical challenges for firms is ensuring that its workforce understand, and are supported and incentivised to behave in accordance with, a firm’s ethical values and principles, so that they contribute to a positive, healthy culture. 

In this section we examine the main stages of an employee’s lifecycle and experience within an organisation, considering:

  • how a firm’s approach to recruitment can impact its culture and approach; 
  • how training and the embedding of individual accountability promotes good conduct; 
  • how the creation of a safe “speak up” environment and the promotion of health and wellbeing are important to the creation of a positive workplace environment; 
  • the impact of diversity and inclusion, incentives and remuneration on a firm’s culture and decision-making; and 
  • how a firm’s approach to disciplinary proceedings and exits are linked to its ethical values and the culture which it wants to promote.
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