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A global mobility revolution is underway. 
Mobility is being transformed as organisations across the sector race to innovate, embrace digitisation, increase connectivity, and transition to new forms of energy in the face of climate change. 

Our mobility sector solutions: a holistic approach

The rapidly evolving automotive sector

Demographic changes such as increased urbanisation, economic and technological power shifts and climate change are having a significant impact on the automotive industry globally. In order to remain competitive, industry players need to embrace these changes as opportunities and develop their business models accordingly. The advent of electric vehicles will transform not only driving habits and energy usage, but also supply chains, industries and physical infrastructure across the world.

Linklaters is one of a few firms with a dedicated automotive sector team that is wholly integrated with our wider global Mobility Sector. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of the automotive industry, including established manufacturers and suppliers as well as emerging technology companies. We understand both our clients’ legal and commercial needs in these times of transformational change. 

Charging infrastructure, batteries and gigafactories

Electrification changes the way we understand mobility. With electric vehicle sales poised to experience rapid growth globally, the demand for charging infrastructure and gigafactories involved in EV battery production will grow significantly in the next decade.

Gigafactories, and the lithium-ion batteries they produce, are key components in the race to electrify the transport sector, and massive rollouts are planned across Europe, the US and Asia. 

Linklaters is one of a few firms with a dedicated Mobility Sector team, and we understand the challenges and opportunities within the charging infrastructure and battery market. We have advised more widely than almost any other firm on the structuring and execution of financing and investment opportunities within this space.

Mobility services, software and technology 

Technology-driven trends, digital transformation, the internet of things (IoT), and new advances in artificial intelligence (AI) represent some of the key technology disruptors impacting the mobility market.

These technologies represent opportunities to develop solutions to improve the connectivity and a user-friendly, personalised customer experience. The data rich automotive industry, in collaboration with software companies, will need to harness the power of big data, whilst ensuring its security, to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Linklaters supports clients in enabling their digital strategies. We help clients to acquire, develop and procure tech, whilst protecting their strategic investments. By addressing the myriad of novel risks and legal issues, particularly in highly regulated environments – we are able to provide advice tailored specifically to the issues at stake.

Transport and logistics

The long-haul transportation and logistics sectors have seen the introduction of several emissions-reducing initiatives over the past decade, for example the use of eco-speeds and LNG fuel in shipping and sustainable aviation fuel in aviation.  However, the sectors’ transition away from fossil fuels is some way behind the short-haul and automotive sectors, and much of this transition process is yet to come. 

While solar or electric-powered ships and aircraft are not yet under construction, technology-backed solutions will continue to play a significant role in transportation deals, with corporates, investors and financiers increasingly focused on ESG aspects.

We have supported our clients through other systemic market events such as the deep shipping sector recession following the financial crisis, and the disruption to aviation and the supply chain caused by the Covid pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine. We have the necessary track record and industry knowledge to support transport sector players on future transformations. 

Our transport and logistics specialists work closely with colleagues in our energy and technology sector teams, as well as with the rest of our global Mobility Sector colleagues. 


The past decade has seen a resurgence of interest in space travel and a boom in satellite activity and the technological innovation driving it. Satellites make up the majority of commercial space activity – fuelled by both the decreasing cost of launching them and the growing number of applications for the data they can provide. Businesses are thinking more strategically about the commercial opportunities that space, satellites and the associated technology can offer.

Linklaters is at the forefront of helping clients facilitate investment while ensuring regulatory compliance - solving the complexities inherent in the space and satellite sectors. Our Space, Technology, and Digital Infrastructure teams work closely together to provide clients with this holistic advice.

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