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Tackling erosion of trust and the spread of fake news

From War of the Worlds to 21st century voters: A collection of insights from experienced practitioners

Fake news has been around as long as human civilisation, but it has been turbo-charged by digital technology and the transformation of the global media landscape. Nevertheless, defenders of fact and truth still have weapons to help uphold integrity in the social, political and economic environments.

Fake News: From science fiction to echo chambers

How did we get here? In a world of instant access to information and endless connectivity, we are now seeing unprecedented levels of fake news, fuelling disruption and discontent and undermining trust. But fake news is not a recent phenomenon, as this video explains.

Fake News and the role of technology

In this short video, Thomas H. Glocer, Founder and Managing Partner, Angelic Ventures, LP, gives his thoughts on how technology is playing a major role in accelerating and disseminating news.

Fake news: How to repair trust?

David Schrieberg, a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, CEO and Co-Founder of Vital Briefing describes the key factors that are driving fake news and what steps can be taken to protect ourselves from the divisive impact of disinformation.

Fake News and crisis management strategies

In today’s global media environment, fake news can jeopardise the stability of businesses. Watch Sarah Wiggins, Partner, Corporate M&A, Linklaters LLP London as she shares her view on how to respond properly to external hazards.

Fake News: Uncovering fabricated stories

Aliaume Leroy, an investigative journalist from Bellingcat, tells us more about open source investigation tools and techniques to identify false information and how we can safeguard against it.

Fake News: How can we fight back?

Nicki Kayser, Partner Capital Markets and Banking, Linklaters LLP Luxembourg, discusses how fake news is quickly and easily spread and the importance of ensuring the source is reputable.

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