Linklaters crowdsourcing ideation platform gives its people the opportunity to shape the firm’s future

  • The Ideas Pathway is a technology platform that creates a communication channel for employee ideas across the global business
  • Since its launch in January, 38 ideas have been implemented or are in the proof of concept stage, while a further 17 new ideas are being actively evaluated. Ideas range from ways to improve agile working to the design of new technology solutions on transactions

The Ideas Pathway, the ideation technology platform, allows the Firm to crowdsource ideas from employees across the globe. Since its launch in January this year, it has seen 38 new ideas from its people implemented or progressed through to a proof of concept. A further 17 are also currently under evaluation by the firm’s panel of ‘idea coaches’. The firm’s dedicated Innovation team designed the hub to increase employee ideation and collaboration, allowing management to access the best ideas from its people to further the Firm’s strategy and provide our clients with the best service.

The platform has been promoted through internal “campaigns”. The first one was run out of the Singapore office on the theme of agile working which received over 40 ideas in 5 days. The implementation of many of those ideas as well as the conversations that took place because of it have helped create a cultural shift and made working outside of the office much more accepted.

Recently, the financial regulation practice in London ran an ‘Ideas Sprint’ which received 62 ideas in 3 days. The aim of this campaign was to help the practice with improving process innovation and efficiency, creating development opportunities for the team and asking for ideas in how the team could provide the most value to clients. The practice now has increased use of collaboration technology across matters and digital signatures to increase efficiency and improvement of knowledge management systems as well as greater communication between team members on career development and time planning.

Shilpa Bhandarkar, Head of Innovation at Linklaters, commented,

“Linklaters has always embraced new ideas and technologies that enable it to provide a best in class service to its clients and a fulfilling work environment for its people. Enhancing the ways in which we do so requires collaboration and change from within the organisation. As a firm, we realise the importance of our people in facilitating change and the value and potential they bring in shaping how we work. The Ideas Pathway is helping us realise this potential”.

In addition to campaigns, the platform is always open to employees to submit ideas into any of the general “channels” - People, Process and Technology – for any area of the business. The Ideas Pathway works through a process where ideas received are shared for initial discussion and facilitation by the Ideas Pathway Manager with a group of “ideas coaches” and other subject matter experts from the Practice Innovation Teams. These groups are responsible for the adoption and implementation of these ideas in the relevant practice groups.

Christian Storck, Partner and Co-Head of Innovation at Linklaters commented,

“Too often, great ideas can fall through the cracks of a large global firm. Entrepreneurship is one of the most important cultural values at Linklaters and is something we are keen to encourage across all areas of our business. Technology solutions like the Ideas Pathway allow us to leverage the creativity of our people globally and at scale.”