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Powering the future:

Electric Vehicle Batteries

Commercial opportunities and legal developments across the electric vehicle batteries lifecycle

What is this report about?

The advent of electric vehicles (EVs) is one of the most revolutionary changes to take place the history of transport. The take-up of electric vehicles will transform not only driving habits and energy usage, but also supply chains, industries and physical infrastructure across the world.

How is this microsite structured?

This microsite is subdivided to reflect the five stages of the EV battery lifecycle shown in the diagram below, which also summarises some of the key commercial and legal takeaways from this report.

Click the wheel to follow the lifecycle:

Electric vehicle battery lifecycle

The EV battery lifecycle

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Stage 1:

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Stage 2:

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Stage 3:

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Stage 4:

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Stage 5:

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Powering the future:

Commercial opportunities and legal developments across the EV batteries lifecycle

Powering the Future
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