Summer’s Top Antitrust and Foreign Investment Stories 2021

With the summer upon us, what are the big stories we expect to dominate the antitrust and foreign investment arena over the coming months?

Expect to see more rigorous and unpredictable foreign investment and merger control enforcement impacting M&A deals, new areas of focus for antitrust compliance and a clear focus on digital markets.

More scrutiny and intervention mean more challenges to navigate and plan for. But they also mean opportunities to grow, to innovate and to be engaged and pro-active stakeholders helping to shape the changes that are coming. So how can you do this most effectively? And, aside from that, how can you leverage technology to drive innovation and efficiency in your business?

Find all the answers here in our video series and accompanying written report, which bring together global insights and practical calls to action from an unprecedented number of experts from around our global group.

Watch our Summer’s Top Antitrust and Foreign Investment Stories 2021 video series

“The expansion of foreign investment rules and uptick in notifications show no signs of abating. When combined with powers to call in non-notified deals for potentially unlimited periods after closing, parties should prepare for increasing uncertainty and address risks upfront.”

“The EU is gearing up to call-in and review non-notifiable deals, bringing it in line with other major regimes but with fewer safety valves. While tech and pharma deals may be in focus, it considers that this applies to all sectors.”

“Effective antitrust compliance programmes and a real top-down compliance culture are more important than ever, given the growing risks of significant individual sanctions – on top of company sanctions – and moves in many countries to give credit for effective controls to address antitrust-specific risk areas.”

“Scrutiny of digital markets is set to increase even more, including in China where enforcement of domestic tech players has traditionally been more light touch than elsewhere. Greater scrutiny will impact sectors outside of tech too, and businesses should stay alive to the challenges and opportunities.”

“For us, innovation is all about challenging how work is done best and how we can add maximum value when delivering services to our clients. While much of it involves technology, the real focus is on cultural change – encouraging our people to try new things and use start-up thinking to constantly move forward.”

“We expect governments and enforcers to use new and existing powers to their fullest to review and challenge strategic investments and commercial behaviours. Market players – especially in and affected by the digital space – must plan carefully and engage effectively with authorities to succeed in an increasingly hostile regulatory environment.”

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