The Diversity Faculty Podcast Series

The Linklaters Diversity Faculty, comprising lawyers and dedicated diversity advisors, has produced a new series of podcasts discussing some of the key issues for businesses relating to diversity and inclusion. From pipeline, promotion and retention, to effective training, quotas, targets and positive discrimination and the link between diversity and remuneration – each podcast explores a different topic and shares the views of the Diversity Faculty. 

You can listen to episodes 1 – 5 of the series here and further podcasts will be released in the New Year.

Episode 1 - Pipeline, promotion and retention
What do we mean when we talk about pipeline, promotion and retention? How do these issues form part of corporate governance and impact employer brand, employee engagement and become a public reputation issue?
Episode 2 - Diversity strategy vs diversity policy: Why does it matter?
What is the difference between a diversity strategy and a diversity policy? Why does it matter? How are these perceived internally and externally and why does it matter from a legal perspective?
Episode 3 - Training – what’s effective? What’s ineffective?
Training is only as effective as the people attending it let it be – it’s what happens after the training that really matters. But what makes training effective? What makes it ineffective?
Episode 4 - Targets, quotas and positive discrimination
What do we mean when we talk about targets and quotas? How are they different? What should businesses be considering when they look to sign up to targets, quotas or other commitments and pledges? What are the legal risks and can businesses positively discriminate or take positive action to achieve diversity in practice?
Episode 5 - The link between diversity and remuneration
How might diversity and inclusion metrics be used to determine remuneration and will linking diversity with pay really drive accountability and sustainable change in diversity and inclusion for businesses?