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China shows gradual approach to regulation of critical networks 13/07/2017
China publishes detailed draft rules on cross-border data transfers 13/06/2017
China Finalises Rules on Cross-Border Transfer of Personal Information and Important Data 20/05/2017
China’s proposed new cryptography law 02/05/2017
New draft rules on the transfer of personal information and important data out of mainland China 24/04/2017
China Kicks Off Free Trade Zone Momentum In Second Quarter Of 2017 18/04/2017
CBRC seeks to help foreign banks expand their offering and strengthen their operations in China 20/03/2017
China publishes draft rules on enhanced security review of online products and services 10/02/2017
China advances foreign investment and negative list reform with seventh draft catalogue 09/12/2016
China’s cyber security regulation embarks on a critical path 21/11/2016
China set to introduce key national foreign investment law reforms in October 2016 05/09/2016
P2P lending in China enters into a regulated era 29/08/2016
Chinese regulators target internet search and advertising business 19/07/2016
China seeks to tighten cyber restrictions as its online economic evolution continues 15/07/2016
China opens hedge fund business to foreign invested entities 04/07/2016
China increases scrutiny on mobile internet applications 01/07/2016
China promotes cross-border B2C e-commerce by suspending new customs supervision requirements 30/05/2016
China’s SPC breaks new ground with draft rules on the PRC Company Law 24/05/2016
China’s SAFE relaxes QFII quota and funds flow restrictions 06/02/2016
CSRC renews restrictions on A share sale 08/01/2016
China’s Online Path to Industrial Innovation 29/12/2015
China proposes revised procedures for registration of mortgages of moveable property 22/12/2015
Mainland China inks new services trade agreement and issues negative list for Hong Kong investors 18/12/2015
China’s top court publishes guiding cases on security enforcement 17/12/2015
CIRC Proposes Capital Flexibility and Tighter Sanctions for Insurance Companies 12/11/2015
China’s SFTZ to step up currency and financial market liberalisation 02/11/2015
Recent Developments in Merger Review in China 28/10/2015
China proposes new scheme regulating automated trading of securities and futures 16/10/2015
Guide to Foreign Investment in the PRC 07/10/2015
China introduces new food products licensing regime 30/09/2015
Balancing Autonomy with Control: China’s Latest SOE Reform Plan 18/09/2015
National Security Considerations in China’s Financial Sectors – an International Perspective 09/09/2015
China further relaxes foreign investment in its real estate sector 28/08/2015
CSRC implements commitments in CEPA Supplement X to open up the securities market to Hong Kong and Macao investors 26/08/2015
China Interbank Market Widens Access to Overseas Participants 14/08/2015
Hong Kong Competition Commission publishes final guidelines - one of the final steps towards enforcement of the law 28/07/2015
NDRC drafts antitrust guidelines for automotive industry 20/07/2015
Hong Kong Competition Ordinance to come into force on 14 December 2015 17/07/2015
P.R.C. Market Turbulence Impacts Going-Private Plans for China-Based Companies Listed in the United States 14/07/2015
National Security Review of Foreign Investment Further Developed in China's Free Trade Zones 01/07/2015
Resolution regimes and the ‘Living Will’ challenge in Singapore – Can you get ahead? 01/07/2015
China opens up its bank card payment clearing market 26/06/2015
Challenges for pharmaceutical companies under China’s new drug pricing regime 01/06/2015
China launches its first funds mutual recognition scheme 28/05/2015
SAIC Releases Guidelines on the Enforcement of the Anti-Monopoly Law with Respect to IP Rights 13/05/2015
China formalises broad parameters of deposit insurance scheme 10/04/2015
China pushes change in IT infrastructure by strengthening regulation of cyber security 08/04/2015
What does China’s sixth Foreign Investment Catalogue and the new framework for regulation and growth mean for you? 01/04/2015
China publishes key tax considerations for fees paid to offshore affiliates 01/04/2015
China Insurance Regulatory Commission introduces registration system for reinsurers and reinsurance brokers 25/03/2015
China’s SAFE further innovates its registration procedures in capital account transactions 10/03/2015
Guide to foreign investment in the PRC 04/03/2015
Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect: New short selling rules 02/03/2015
NDRC issues decision in landmark case against Qualcomm and imposes record fine of RMB 6.088 billion 02/03/2015
PBOC opens up new financing channels for entities in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone 16/02/2015
China Promotes Innovation and Development of Cloud Computing 10/02/2015
China restates tax rules on offshore indirect transfers of PRC assets 09/02/2015
China Promotes Accelerated Development of the Service Outsourcing Industry 26/01/2015
China Unveils Draft New Foreign Investment Law 22/01/2015
China – A New Post-CEPA Framework for Mutual Liberalisation of Services between the Mainland and Hong Kong 14/01/2015
China – New rule relaxations facilitate expansion by foreign banks in the Chinese market 23/12/2014
Shanghai Free Trade Zone: what you need to know to date and what to expect 19/12/2014
Shanghai Clearing House Launches Central Clearing Service for FX Forwards and Swaps 18/12/2014
China reforms rules on takeovers and material asset restructuring of listed companies 08/12/2014
State Council Revises Catalogue of Investments Requiring Government Approval 03/12/2014
Key tax exemptions for Shanghai-HK Connect scheme announced 17/11/2014
Liberalising Fund Management in China 14/11/2014
China proposes to reform its catalogue of industries guiding foreign investment 13/11/2014
Trust me, trust me not: Doubt cast on the implied term of mutual trust and confidence 21/10/2014
Investigations in the auto-parts sector 09/10/2014
China Steps up Antitrust Enforcement 28/08/2014
China: 2014 Negative List for the Shanghai Free Trade Zone – Fulfilling the promise of greater liberalisation? 21/08/2014
Consultation paper on the Securities and Futures (OTC Derivative Transactions – Reporting and Record Keeping) Rules 31/07/2014
Shanghai Free Trade Zone implements modern arbitration rules 15/07/2014
Court takes a firm stance on constructive dismissal 23/06/2014
How do recent Hong Kong trust law changes affect bond trustees? A comparative analysis with Singapore and English law 23/06/2014
Tougher stance on environment: Revised PRC Environmental Protection Law 11/06/2014
One Step Closer to Liberalisation – Formal Unveiling of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone’s Free Trade Account 05/06/2014
Relaxation of PRC regulatory restrictions on cross-border security and guarantees 22/05/2014
CIRC eases M&A rules for PRC insurance industry 08/05/2014
China: NDRC consults on the approval and filing regime of foreign invested projects 15/04/2014
Shanghai Free Trade Zone’s New Foreign Exchange Regime 11/04/2014
Internationalisation of the RMB in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone – A Step Forward 01/04/2014
China: New categorisation and ratio requirements for investment of insurance proceeds 07/03/2014
China's New Company Registration Regime 28/02/2014
An overview of the Indonesian insurance industry for foreign investors 21/02/2014
Balancing traditional markets versus modern shopping in Indonesia’s retail sector 21/02/2014
China: Strict limits and cap on labour dispatch arrangements 12/02/2014
More stringent requirements on bancassurance business in the PRC 30/01/2014
Shanghai Launches OTC Derivatives Clearing 28/01/2014
New Framework for China’s Investment Approval System 17/01/2014
The Shanghai Free Trade Zone opens up to foreign investment in value added telecoms services 16/01/2014
Launch of OTC derivatives clearing in Hong Kong 13/01/2014
CBRC consults public on new rules on financial leasing companies 27/12/2013
CSRC allows secondary share sales in A-share IPOs 18/12/2013
PBOC to liberalise capital flows in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone 18/12/2013
China unveils blueprint to reform its IPO regulatory regime 06/12/2013
Consumer rights in China to be strengthened 07/11/2013
SAIC Issues Registration Rules for the Shanghai Free Trade Zone 01/11/2013
Launch of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone 17/10/2013
CBRC Issues Consultation Draft Rules in relation to the Approval Requirements for Foreign-funded Banks in China 15/10/2013
MOFCOM Releases Consultation Draft on Rules Governing Foreign Strategic Investments in PRC Listed Companies 14/10/2013
Close-out Netting in China 08/10/2013
Details of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone formally released 27/09/2013
Consultation draft regulations issued tightening rules for labour despatch arrangements 04/09/2013
The Mainland and Hong Kong entered into Supplement X to CEPA 03/09/2013
Streamlined Regulations for Bank Card Acquiring Services 15/08/2013
SAIC publishes antitrust enforcement decisions 13/08/2013
Tackling corruption: China’s recent investigation into multinational pharmaceutical companies 29/07/2013
Continuation & Reform: Foreign Exchange Regulation of Overseas Futures and Financial Derivatives by Chinese State-owned Enterprises 18/07/2013
Trustee and Paying Agent FAQs : Should the Principal Paying Agent Hold Bond Payments On Trust for Bondholders? 17/07/2013
Myanmar accedes to the New York Convention 16/07/2013
China launches pilot scheme for the establishment of fund management companies by insurance institutions 12/07/2013
CSRC’s Consultation Drafts on Rules Governing Fund Managers, Senior Management and Service Providers of Securities Investment Funds 28/06/2013
Proposed amendments to rules on operation of public investment funds 17/06/2013
China’s highest judicial body identifies positive steps in the enforcement and protection of intellectual property rights in China 13/06/2013
Insurance Business Scope Now under Classified Administration 29/05/2013
Proposed Amendments to China’s Consumer Protection Law 23/05/2013
EU bonus cap update 22/05/2013
CBRC Tightening up the Administration on Wealth Management Business by Commercial Banks 03/05/2013
CIRC further opens up insurance sector to domestic investors 25/04/2013
New CIRC rules regulating establishment of insurance branches 01/04/2013
CSRC Consults on Rules Allowing the Launch of Equity Incentive Schemes by Securities Companies 21/03/2013
Rules Allowing Asset Management Companies to Manage Mutual Funds to Come into Effect on 1 June 2013 11/03/2013
Issue of Fourth Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court on Certain Issues Concerning the Application of Law in Trial of Labour Dispute 05/03/2013
The CSRC consults the public in respect of the regulation of private funds 01/03/2013
The CIRC formally allows insurance asset management companies to launch asset management products 28/02/2013
CSRC consults on removal of restrictions on branch/trading outlet set up by securities companies 05/02/2013
Release of the Provisional Measures on Establishment of Factoring Companies in Shanghai Pudong New Area 23/01/2013
Amendments to the Labour Contract Law Published 10/01/2013
Revised Funds Law to take effect on 1 June 2013 08/01/2013
China: Release of Consultation Draft Rules Allowing Asset Management Companies to Manage Mutual Funds 07/01/2013
CSRC Revises Rules on Subordinated Debts of Securities Companies 04/01/2013
China: Release of OTC Trading Rules for Securities Companies 01/01/2013
Release of the Guidance of Pilot Scheme on Futures Companies Establishing Subsidiaries for the Business of Risk Management Service 28/12/2012
SAFE issues revised QFII regulations on foreign exchange administration 21/12/2012
CSRC Finalises Amendments to Corporate Governance Rules for Securities Companies 18/12/2012
SAFE further simplifies foreign exchange procedures for Foreign Invested Partnerships 30/11/2012
SAFE issues rules to further improve and simplify administration of foreign exchange under direct investment 30/11/2012
CSRC issues consultation paper to allow insurance institutions to distribute securities investment funds 27/11/2012
MOFCOM issues rules on capital contribution to foreign invested enterprises with equity interests 01/11/2012
CIRC issues implementing rules expanding scope of insurers’ overseas investments 25/10/2012
Amendments to the Rules for Securities Joint Ventures Have Come into Effect on 11 October 2012 17/10/2012
CSRC Issues Revised Rules and Consultation Paper for Fund Management Companies 11/10/2012
China issues its 12th Five-Year Plan for the Financial Industry 28/09/2012
Consultation Draft Rules on Qualification Requirements for Directors and SMP of Financial Institutions 11/09/2012
CSRC Consults Public on Proposed Amendments to Corporate Governance Rules for Securities Companies 05/09/2012
CSRC consults public on revisions to rules on wealth management business of securities companies 03/09/2012
Consultation on New Rules for Approval of Outbound Investment Projects by PRC Entities 30/08/2012
CSRC Issues Consultation Drafts to Amend the Rules for Securities Joint Ventures 29/08/2012
Consultation on New Measures for Administration of Approval of Foreign Invested Projects 24/08/2012
Pilot Rules for Futures Companies to Conduct Asset Management Business to Come into Effect on 1 September 16/08/2012
Draft Judicial Interpretation on Application of Law in Trial of Labour Disputes 16/08/2012
CSRC Issues Draft Consultation Rules Permitting the Establishment of Employee Share Schemes 10/08/2012
CIRC issues new rules regulating controlling shareholders of insurance companies 09/08/2012
CSRC issues new rules to relax restrictions under the QFII regime 02/08/2012
CIRC issues new rules to relax restrictions on the investment of insurance proceeds 31/07/2012
Public Consultation on Amendments to the PRC Securities Investment Funds Law 26/07/2012
NPC Issues Consultation Draft to the Labour Contract Law 16/07/2012
CSRC amends rules on management of private funds by fund management companies 10/07/2012
Mainland Financial Market Further Opens Up to Hong Kong 10/07/2012
CSRC regulates indirect ownership of futures companies 30/06/2012
Consultation on relaxation of restrictions under the QFII regime 26/06/2012
CSRC Seeks to Revise Key Rules Regulating Fund Management Companies in China 26/06/2012
CBRC Issues Administrative Measures on the Capital of Commercial Banks 20/06/2012
Further Implementing Rules for Reform of China’s A Share IPO Regime 15/06/2012
Consultation on allowing Futures Companies to conduct Asset Management Business 15/06/2012
Legco Report – Impact on Providers and Distributors of Structured Financial Products 15/06/2012
MOFCOM publishes new merger control notification form 12/06/2012
CIRC Issues Consultation Draft for Regulations on Life Insurance Business 06/06/2012
CSRC Revises Rules on Securities Issuance and Underwriting 31/05/2012
China Employment Alert: Consultation on Special Working Hours System rules 23/05/2012
CSRC sets additional requirements on cash dividend distributions by listed companies 21/05/2012
China Employment Alert: New regulations on special protection for female employees issued 16/05/2012
PRC Financial Market - Blueprint for Securities Company Innovation 11/05/2012
Guidelines on Further Intensifying Reform of New Shares Issuance Regime 11/05/2012
PRC Financial Market and Foreign Direct Investment, Fourth Sino-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue Concludes 07/05/2012
CSRC seeks to further reform China’s A Share IPO regime 17/04/2012
MOFCOM’s Conditional Approval for Western Digital’s Acquisition of Hitachi’s Hard Disk Drive Business 16/03/2012
China’s compulsory transport accident insurance market opens to foreign insurers 17/02/2012
MOFCOM issues new Measures on Investigating Faliures to Notify 12/01/2012
China - New Foreign Investment Catalogue Released 09/01/2012
QFIIs can use RMB raised offshore to invest in onshore securities markets 06/01/2012
MOFCOM’s Conditional Approval for Seagate’s Acquisition of Samsung’s Hard Disk Drive Business 15/12/2011
New Rules on Insiders Introduced by the CSRC 25/11/2011
Sale of Wealth Management Products by Commercial Banks - CBRC Tightens Regulation 18/10/2011
China’s New Anti-Monopoly Law: Principles and Challenges