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“My passion for my business meant that I had to dedicate myself to it full-time. I’ve now got two brilliantly talented women working with me, one of whom I met out in New York on the Mountbatten Programme and the other in London while I was at Morgan Stanley."

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"I never dreamed that we’d get as far as we have quite so quickly. Almost 60 leading chairmen have signed up to champion more women on boards, so it shows that Venus and Mars might be moving a little closer together.”

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"I'd had something published in a literary magazine while I was in Italy but the idea for a book had also been gestating in my mind for years"

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"A lot of what I know about creating and managing long-term client/counsel relationships in a mutually rewarding and reasonable manner, I learned over those few years."

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"The more deals I did, the more interested I became and it soon became clear to me that in-house would be the ideal spot for me to develop that further.”

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"Running your own business is exhausting, it can feel overwhelming at times, but it's wonderful and I adore it."

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“Yes, it’s been tough at times, but at least I’ve been able to watch some great teams, see some great matches, enjoy European competition and get close to glory"

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