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The smarter way to negotiate contracts


Lawyers spend too much time during contract negotiations on administrative tasks to get parties to a final agreement.

CreateiQ helps automate all stages of this process, from creating an initial draft to the negotiation and redrafting of provisions and finally, the execution of the contract.

CreateiQ users spend more time on higher value work, their contracts are agreed faster and with a completely accurate audit trail every time.



Estimated loss of revenue due to ineffective contract management



Number of organisations who find it difficult or impossible to run reports on key contractual terms



Potential improvement in compliance through document digitisation



Unlocking data 

It’s not just the contracting process that is improved. CreateiQ enables companies to surface, extract and use their legal data – something not previously possible, until now.

Whether it’s automating post-completion items after signing, generating reports that summarise key terms in corporate contracts or any other data-driven exercise – CreateiQ makes it happen.

Trusted by the best

CreateiQ is used by nearly 30 companies in the Fortune 500, and 6 of the 10 largest banks by assets


Expertise at Scale 

CreateiQ is a completely unique legaltech proposition. It has been developed in-house by Linklaters > Nakhoda, the internal start-up of one of the world’s leading law firms. The team of legal engineers, product managers, developers and designers has unfettered access to the legal insight and expertise of magic circle lawyers and the practical insights into what in-house lawyers and companies need.

CreateiQ is a contracting solution from one of the most trusted legal firms in the world, but at scale.

“We have collaborated with CreateiQ to develop ISDA Create, the fastest way to draft, negotiate and execute derivatives contracts. The platform is a game changer for our members, who can use it for documents focussed on a regulatory initiative like Initial Margin or Interest Rate Reform documents, or for business as usual documents like the ISDA Master Agreement and the ISDA form of Amendment Agreement.

The flexibility and potential of the platform makes it a complete solution for all contract types.”

Katherine Tew Darras, General Counsel, ISDA


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