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Business Crime & Investigations

In our fifth and final episode Alison Saunders, Tom Cassels, Doug Tween and Jonas Koponen will be discussing recent cartel developments and horizon scanning for future risk and legislative and enforcement changes.


Beyond 2020: The post-pandemic workplace

In this session we will look at the pandemic through the lens of diversity and consider the effect that the pandemic itself, and the business response to it, have had on particular groups of workers. We will look at the data, assess the impact on particular groups and suggest ways in which businesses might reinforce their diversity agenda to protect against disproportionate impacts. We will also look at how businesses can respond positively to the issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement to develop a meaningful race strategy.


Payments Monthly

E-commerce, wallet services and digital payments are transforming the way we interact with money. Looking ahead, innovative payment systems are set to accelerate the global decline in cash use. Harry Eddis, Frances Hodgkins and Terry Yiangou discuss these market changes and the questions they pose about continuing access to cash.

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