COVID-19 second lockdown

Frequently Asked Questions

This Guide aims to provide some answers to employment-related questions which, in this second lockdown, continue to be a concern to managers and people responsible for human resources, considering the provisions of the general labour law and the provisions of Decree-Law no. 10-A/2020 of 13/03, as amended, Decree-Law no. 10-G/2020, of 26/03, as amended, Decree-Law no. 10-F/2020, de 26/03, as amended, Decree-Law no. 27-B/2020, of 19/06, Ministerial Order no. 170-A/2020, of 13/07, Decree-Law no. 46-A/2020, of 30/07, as amended, Decree no. 3-A/2021, of 14/01, as amended, Decree-Law no. 6-E/2021, of 15/01, Decree no. 3-B/2021, of 19/01, Decree no. 3-C/2021, of 22/01, Decree-Law no. 8-B/2021, of 22/01, Decree no. 3-D/2021, of 29/01, Decree-Law no. 23-A/2021, of 24/03, Law no. 16/2021, of 07/04, Decree-Law no. 32/2021, of 12/05, Decree-Law no. 56-A/2021, of 06/07, Resolution no. 101-A/2021 of the Council of Ministers, of 30/07 and Decree-Law no. 71-A/2021, of 13/08.

The answers to the questions below were based on the current legal framework in Portugal and may therefore be reviewed in the light of new developments in the meantime.