Diversity Reporting

Reporting on diversity and inclusion by UK businesses has evolved in the last decade and continues to do so with significant pace. In a recent webinar with LexisNexis, Simon Kerr-Davis and Laurie Ollivent discuss the evolving landscape of diversity reporting, what the current framework look like (from mandatory to voluntary reporting) and what is on the horizon for UK businesses to be mindful of.

Topics discussed on the webinar include:


  • The evolution of diversity reporting
  • The hard laws and governance requirements for reporting by UK companies
  • Our views on whether the existing diversity reporting regime is working
  • Gender pay reporting
  • Whether ethnicity pay reporting is on the horizon
  • ESG reporting
  • Other benchmarks, pledges and voluntary reporting
  • The risks with quotas, targets and positive discrimination 
  • Pressure from investors and for non-listed companies
  • Barriers to sound data
  • What next for diversity reporting?

Throughout the webinar, we discuss the power of the narrative and the uptake in voluntary reporting on diversity data by UK businesses. We also discuss why legal and regulatory developments might be needed to truly drive change and achieve consistent reporting and good governance in the years to come. 

You can access the webinar via the LexisNexis platform here for LexisNexis registered users: 

Diversity reporting (2022) - Webinars (lexiswebinars.co.uk)

In the meantime, if you’d like to discuss any of these issues directly, please reach out to us.