Taking Stock. A review of anti-bribery and corruption law and enforcement across the globe

The full report, Taking Stock. A review of anti-bribery and corruption law and enforcement across the globe is available on the Linklaters Knowledge Portal*.

An understanding of the global reach of anti-bribery and corruption regulation, as well the application of it within a specific jurisdiction, is key to managing risk for today’s international businesses. Linklaters’ Comparative Review of anti-bribery and corruption law and enforcement includes timely coverage of new business and legal developments, including the increasing focus on cooperation and alignment of approaches between regulators and prosecutors across jurisdictions, and looks forward to likely developments in this area.

This review will be a useful resource for businesses across numerous sectors and jurisdictions and provides at-a-glance answers to eight questions, including:

  • under what legislation are bribery and corruption unlawful in this jurisdiction?
  • what activities are prohibited?
  • in order to be unlawful, need the corrupt activities occur in whole or in part within this jurisdiction?
  • to whom do the rules apply?
  • what are the fines/penalties?
  • what approach is taken to enforcement in practice?
  • are there any legal restrictions on dealing with financial proceeds suspected to have been procured by corruption?
  • what future developments are anticipated in this area?

This Comparative Review is intended to highlight issues rather than to provide comprehensive advice. If you have any particular questions about bribery, corruption or foreign corrupt practices, please contact the Linklaters LLP lawyers with whom you work.

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