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Crisis Management

Our crisis management lawyers help you prevent and prepare for, respond to and recover from crises

In today’s global media environment, crises require a swift and sure-footed response, taking account of the subject matter and the stakeholders involved.

A crisis can put into jeopardy your reputation, financial stability, and key relationships around the world. It can also divert senior management time from the strategic objective of your business.

How to manage a crisis once it has occurred is of acute concern to all large businesses, their boards and their management teams. Ideally, however, a potential crisis would have been prevented, avoided or mitigated before it occurred or grew into a more existential event.

Our cross-border crisis management team helps you:

Prepare: plan for the unexpected

Some problems that a company faces are genuinely impossible to predict or avoid, but many others are avoidable or can be mitigated through robust controls, a strong culture and good governance. Increasingly regulators expect to see these in place, and the organisation’s exposure to regulatory or criminal risk continues to become much greater if they are inadequate or non-existent.

Planning for the unexpected is critical to ensuring that a business can respond efficiently and effectively when serious issues arise. We help clients develop strategies and systems to ensure that they are well placed to handle crises and mitigate their impacts.

Crisis management

We can review your risk management systems, provide training on crisis response and risk management, and create and test crisis readiness plans.

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Respond: mobilise and take control

The first 72 hours of a crisis are often crucial. Our cross-disciplinary team can mobilise immediately to respond to the particular issues you are facing, offering you the support you need, wherever you need it, fitting into your crisis management team and collaborating with your other advisers.

As we all move beyond the initial response, we can work with your team to build a more detailed assessment and management process, undertake forensic investigations (including use of AI tools for data analysis) and advise on how to engage with your regulators, potential claimants or defendants.

We are able to:
  • act as the core custodian of the facts (typically under legal privilege)
  • ensure the right information is available to decision makers
  • ensure an accurate and consistent narrative is provided throughout by PR and communications representatives
  • support and assist with any internal investigations
  • provide necessary legal advice as to the board and management’s reporting responsibilities with an eye to collateral impacts and
    liaise with relevant regulators.

Recover: re-orientate to a new normal

We help embed the lesson learned from a crisis into your risk management system, to avoid recurrence and to enable you to become more resilient. 

Once the worst is passed, we work with you to identify key learnings, and longer-term responses. We do this through investigating the issues to identify the root cause, providing guidance and recommendations and working with you to ensure that necessary changes have been communicated, implemented and tracked throughout the organisation.

Crisis management
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Our crisis management lawyers work across a number of risk prevention, response and management areas:

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