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WATCH: Charlie Jacobs, Tom Shropshire, Vanessa Havard-Williams and Rachel Barrett outline how GCs can deliver value through a focus on corporate sustainability

‘This Guide responds to the widespread growth in interest in sustainability and the growing demand from the legal community for practical guidance on how to integrate sustainability considerations into business as usual.’

Charlie Jacobs, Senior Partner and Chairman at Linklaters

We believe the case is made. It is now time for GCs to deliver upon it.

We believed it was true when we published our 2015 Guide, and believe that it continues to be true today: GCs are better placed, better equipped and increasingly able to drive change and deliver value to their organizations through an increased focus on corporate sustainability.

When we explained this in our 2015 Guide, it was clear that we had struck a chord that was resonating. GCs were enthusiastic about corporate sustainability, but they also highlighted the need for practical guidance on how to embed it in their organisation’s DNA. What do good practices look like, and how do you achieve tangible results?

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This 2019 Guide seeks to support GCs by examining five areas in more detail, providing practical tips and strategies for success inspired by the GCs who participated in its development.

You can read the executive summary and key takeaways from the guide by clicking the icon below. A full version of the Guide for General Counsel on Corporate Sustainability Version 2.0, along with version 1.0, is available to download here.

Guide for General Counsel on Corporate Sustainability 2019 Summary


Challenges to corporate sustainability — managing a crisis

Many organizations face unexpected challenges from time to time, but a “crisis” can be defined as a sudden or previously unidentified risk that threatens to significantly damage an organization’s economic value or licence to operate. Crises can have broad roots, often driven at least in part by failure to operate ethically and sustainably.

  • Building resilience: Establish strong culture and values
  • Plan ahead: How will you respond?
  • The first 72 hours: Effective management of the initial response
  • Moving on: Investigation, reporting and remediation
  • Do not waste a valuable opportunity: Learn lessons towards continuous improvement

Version 2.0 (PDF)

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 (Digital)

Guide for GCs

Version 1.0

Version 1.0

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