Alumni profile - Robert Kuter

“The Australian way of doing things if you’re studying law,” notes Robert Kuter, “is to get two degrees and knock the other one off first. That meant economics before getting on with the career-related stuff. Like a lot of Australians of that age, I also had a sense that there was a world outside and I wanted to spend a bit of my university life somewhere that was neither Australia nor the UK. The American universities didn’t seem all that interested in an exchange programme, but the University of British Columbia was, so I went out to Canada for a year to study International and Comparative Law.”

It was to prove a serendipitous decision for Robert, who would meet the Swedish woman later to become his wife while in Canada and thus shape much of his professional future. Robert’s first exposure to private practice came with ClarkeKann Lawyers in Brisbane, a small initial staging post that happened ….