Diversity in Financial Services – podcast series: Why is D&I a regulatory issue?

Recently, the three key UK financial services regulators took their first steps towards a greater engagement with firms on the topic of diversity and inclusion by publishing a discussion paper for the sector to consider. As the regulators focus on the role diversity and inclusion play in supporting better decision-making, better outcomes for firms and customers and enhanced risk management, there is now a regulatory imperative for firms to manage and promote diversity and inclusion effectively. 

In a series of podcasts, we will consider why the regulators are focussing on diversity and inclusion and address some of the challenges businesses can face in this area. 

In our first podcast we set the scene a little - outlining the recent regulatory focus on culture and how this fits into diversity and what the regulators are trying to achieve in this space. You can listen to our first podcast below. Stay tuned for future episodes in this series, including: pipeline, promotion and retention; data reporting; diversity policy and strategy; effective training; targets, quotas and positive discrimination; and the link between diversity and pay. 

Find out more on our Diversity in Financial Services page.