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Diversity in financial services

The last decade has seen an unrelenting focus on culture within financial services firms. The link between poor culture, poor decision-making and conduct failings was laid bare by the 2008 global financial crisis. Focus has now shifted to the role diversity and inclusion play in supporting better decision-making, better outcomes for firms and customers and enhanced risk management.

There is now a regulatory imperative for firms to manage and promote diversity and inclusion (D&I) effectively.

Linklaters has a range of offerings that can support you in developing diversity and inclusion within your organisation as part of a broader culture agenda, as well as helping you to develop your diversity and inclusion strategy and risk management.

Financial services regulators in the UK publish consultation papers to boost diversity and inclusion

Following the Discussion Paper published by the BoE, FCA and PRA in 2021 seeking proposals to accelerate the pace of meaningful change in relation to diversity and inclusion in the financial sector, the PRA and FCA have published consultation papers setting out their proposed rules and guidance to deliver improved D&I in the sector. The consultation period closes on 18 December 2023; a policy statement is expected to be published during H1 2024, with both regulators proposing a phased implementation process thereafter.

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