Trustee Agenda Winter 2023

Welcome to our Winter edition of Trustee Agenda. 

As the evenings draw in and the weather gets colder, what better time than to catch up with the latest developments in pensions law in our Winter edition of Trustee Agenda?

The Autumn Statement included confirmation that the Government will legislate in the Finance Bill 2023-24 to remove the lifetime allowance with effect from 6 April 2024. This leaves little time for trustees to think through the implications and make any changes that may be required to scheme rules and administration. We include a summary of the changes and highlight the key considerations for trustees.

We also take a deep dive into how far trustees should go in explaining the reasons for their decisions to scheme members, as well as considering a glut of recent Pensions Ombudsman determinations on hot topics such as surplus payments to employers and discretionary pension increases.

As always, do please let us know if there are any areas which you would like us to explore in future editions of Trustee Agenda.

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