Trustee Agenda Winter 2022

Welcome to our Winter Edition of Trustee Agenda

I think it’s fair to say that, although progress in certain key areas has apparently stalled (we are still, for example, awaiting regulations bringing the much-heralded notification requirements into force), the world of pensions has not been static. Far from it. In this edition, we put the spotlight on the LDI crisis and trustees’ investment duties associated with it: who could have guessed, a few short months ago, that the term “doom loop” would enter the pensions lexicon? We also consider the current position in relation to forfeiture clauses – a position which is of very real relevance to, for example, those trustees who are in the midst of GMP equalisation, and those who are looking for effective and affordable protection in relation to so-called “excluded risks” on buy-out. And finally, we turn to new proposals relating to performance-based fees and illiquid investment. 

I will conclude this introduction with the usual plea: if there are any specific topics that you would like us to cover in our next edition of Trustee Agenda then please do let us know.


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