Trustee Agenda Autumn 2022

Welcome to our Autumn Edition of Trustee Agenda.

As summer gives way to autumn, it’s back to school and to a full to bursting pensions curriculum. In this edition of Trustee Agenda we look at four 
specific areas which require particular attention. Firstly, ESG which continues to dominate with new obligations from 1 October for larger schemes, 
the DWP’s response to last year’s consultation and updated guidance. The pace and magnitude of change makes this a particularly challenging 
area but, hopefully, help is at hand with our bespoke ESG newsletters. Secondly, scheme funding where draft regulations herald the way to perhaps 
a more prescriptive regime with a focus on low dependency and employer covenant. Thirdly, pensions dashboards where, although final regulations 
are still awaited, the response to the consultation brings further clarity and we look forward to the outcome of not just one but two consultations and 
a new bill! And, finally, transfers and, more particularly, the joint statement from TPR and DWP and changes to guidance. There’s no shortage, then, 
of homework to keep us happily occupied as the nights draw in.

As always, if there are any specific topics- whether relating to changes coming on stream or to the application of existing legal principles relating to, 
for example, specific trustee duties and discretions – which you would like us to address in future editions of Trustee Agenda then do let us know. 

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