Trustee Agenda Spring 2022

Welcome to our Spring Edition of Trustee Agenda
Much of the discussion at recent quarterly trustee meetings has, unsurprisingly, focussed on the challenges which schemes would inevitably face were the proposed pension dashboard requirements to become law. Not least of these challenges would be the need to get to grips with whole new set of words, phrases and acronyms including “connection window”, “MaPS”, “match” and “view data” (comprising “administrative data”, “signpost data” and “value data”). Given all this, it is right that, in this Spring Edition of Trustee Agenda, we turn the spotlight on the proposed requirements so that trustees are in a position to start thinking about how best to prepare.
We also focus on the vexed issue of time limits and forfeiture clauses and on the recent case of Mitchells & Butlers Pensions Limited v Mitchells & Butlers Plc. The former is, of course, of very real relevance in the context of equalisation for GMPs whilst the latter takes a fresh look at the ever evolving equitable remedy of rectification and the bar for accessing it.
As always, we hope that you will find that the content of this edition offers useful insight into the latest legal developments with a practical focus. And, as always, we hope that you will let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for topics to be covered in future editions of Trustee Agenda.

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