Trustee Agenda Summer 2021

Welcome to our Summer edition of Trustee Agenda for 2021.

As we move into Summer, we thought that you would appreciate some staycation reading material!

In this edition of Trustee Agenda we focus, as always, on those areas which our clients tell us are of particular interest to them.

The two new criminal offences created by the Pension Schemes Act 2021 have caused a good deal of consternation and comment: in our article we look at the precise nature of those offences and also at the impact which they are likely to have on the day to day activity of our clients.

Also of concern, although perhaps less headline-grabbing, is the new FCA and TPR guidance: this guidance has already generated a significant volume of queries from clients who are keen to strike the right balance in communication and benefit modelling materials designed to help members understand the various options which are available to them.

We also look at the approach of the Pensions Regulator in relation to past transfer “scams”, comment on the single code of practice consultation and summarise trends and points to watch out for in connection with transfers to master trust arrangements (this is essential reading for those of you who are considering, or are faced with a proposal for, such a transfer).

As always, your feedback and thoughts in relation to topics for future editions of Trustee Agenda will be appreciated. In the interim, happy reading!

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