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Crisis ready

A collection of guides and insights to help you prepare for and navigate through a crisis

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Read & watch: The Corporate Offence of Failing to Prevent Bribery

In our previous two videos we discussed current ABC issues as well as what we can expect in terms of future developments. In the last of our video series we walk through real world examples where ABC issues come into play and actions that should be taken as a result.

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ABC case studies


Global crisis prevention and crisis management

Our guide will help you to prevent and respond to a crisis through the implementation of a robust risk management system.

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Crisis Management: a checklist for General Counsel

Our detailed checklist will ensure you are prepared through all stages of a crisis.

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The regulatory landscape is shifting

Regulatory-driven risk management has become an absolute priority for major organisations across the world. We provide a unique insight into the impact of rising regulation by combining the views of influential regulators, leading global corporations and some of Linklaters’ most experienced regulatory experts.

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Dawn Raids

Step-by-step information on how to handle surprise raids, protect your legal position and minimise the impact on your business and the company’s reputation.

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Managing whistleblowing in the workplace

We outline the key protections provided to whistleblowers under the law, together with some practical tips for managing whistleblowing at work, including where Employment Tribunal ensues.

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