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Employment & Incentives Legal Outlook 2023

Employment & Incentives: Legal Outlook 2023

In our UK E&I Legal Outlook, we look ahead to predict the key developments and issues to watch out for in 2023, for all businesses operating in the UK, UK listed companies and the financial services sector.

Key themes and topics include:
  • Expectations and trends for directors’ pay design and payouts
  • The Brexit Freedoms Bill and a new framework for employment law
  • Industrial action and new rights for workers
  • Challenges with implementing the IFPR rules for investment firms and CRD V for banks, and bonus cap removal
  • ESG and climate change issues for corporates and the financial sector
  • Diversity, equality and inclusion

Our coverage in all these areas and more will continue throughout the year in our monthly “At a glance” publication.

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Legal Outlook

Employment & Incentives 2023

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