Linklaters introduces Mental Health and Wellbeing App

Global law firm Linklaters has introduced the BetterSpace app, an innovative workplace wellbeing app developed to transform the way people approach their mental health, supporting individuals to take a proactive and tailored approach. The roll-out of the platform to all UK employees and partners has been accompanied by a £300 wellbeing allowance, which can be used in conjunction with the app, to support individuals in accessing the most personally relevant tools and resources.

Developed by UK-start up BetterSpace, the app is built around the 6 pillars of mental health and is designed to make tools for looking after mental health substantially more accessible. The platform contains a unique directory for wellbeing services available both in-person and virtually, comprising a "best of" selection of things that are good for the mind – from sleep and mindfulness apps and products to volunteering opportunities.

Linklaters has supported the platform from the beginning and has previously hosted two pilots of the app as it was in the developing stages. In 2020, 336 UK employees took part in the second pilot, with 70% of those participants reporting improved mental health literacy after using BetterSpace, 81% discovered a resource that they would continue using and 91% asked for the firm’s relationship with BetterSpace to continue.

BetterSpace is pioneering a new way of nurturing a mentally healthy workforce, an objective that is a priority for Linklaters, underpinned by its health and wellbeing strategy.


Nick Syson, Linklaters’ Health and Wellbeing Partner, comments: "It is more important than ever that we nurture our physical and mental wellbeing and we hope that the BetterSpace app will support our people in doing just that. We are proud of our culture of being open, positive and proactive about mental health and to be championing the next frontier in employee wellbeing support.”
Jim Woods, CEO of BetterSpace, notes: “Linklaters’ support throughout the development of BetterSpace has been invaluable and it is because of their progressive approach that we’ve been able to develop an app that is at the forefront of innovation for workplace wellbeing.
There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to people’s mental health, which is why BetterSpace is designed to effectively give people their own personal wellbeing concierge and discover what works best for them. Our mission is to get holistic support to every employee, and play our role in turning the tide on mental illness."