Webinar: Breaking Down President Biden’s Leaders Summit on Climate

On April 22 and 23, President Biden hosted 40 world leaders at a Leaders Summit on Climate. The event brought together the 17 countries responsible for approximately 80 percent of global emissions and GDP as well as heads of countries that are demonstrating strong climate leadership to discuss the urgency and the economic benefits of stronger climate action, and to galvanize efforts to tackle the crisis.

On April 27, our speakers including Meghan O’Sullivan (Jeane Kirkpatrick Professor of the Practice of International Affairs and Director of the Geopolitics of Energy Project at Harvard University's Kennedy School), Vanessa Havard-Williams (Partner and Global Head of Environment & Climate Change at Linklaters), and Andrew Compton (Energy & Infrastructure Partner at Linklaters) came together to discuss the key takeaways from the summit, the achievability of the goals set out, the issues they foresee as international trade and climate strategies progress, and the anticipated impacts on geopolitics for major corporates and the renewables sector.