Mind Over Matter: A Power-packed Discussion with Athletes and Lawyers on a Champion Mindset

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The behaviours and mentalities of high-performance athletes reveal insights into a champion mindset that can set up for success those of us in the corporate world. In today’s volatile and uncertain environment, stress is inevitable. The key for both athletes and professionals is to harness the good stress to your advantage, and to avoid prolonged periods of bad stress without time for recovery.

Unlock the exclusive opportunity to learn about the similarities between athletes and lawyers and how to build a champion mindset. 

Light lunch will be provided for those who join us in-person on a first-come, first-serve basis! The first 30 clients to register and attend will receive a sustainable and mental wellness-friendly goodie bag. 

Guest speakers

  • Dr. Alex W. K. Li, Lead Psychologist, St John’s Cathedral Counselling Service
  • Cado Lee Ka To, Hong Kong Rugby Union & Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Player
  • Katrina Roszynski, Premiership Rugby Player, Societe Generale Valley RFC