Capturing the hydrogen opportunity for Japan and Australia

We are pleased to launch our new report Hydrogen: capturing the opportunity for Japan and Australia

According to the Hydrogen Council, hydrogen industry is expected to contribute US$2.5 trillion to the world's economy and generate around 30 million jobs by 2050. 

This presents an enormous opportunity for Japanese businesses. Hydrogen will be a fundamental part of our future – supporting economic growth, providing jobs and contributing to a cleaner environment to help to achieve the Paris Agreement goals. We believe Japan is in a great position to strategically create and seize the opportunities. Forthcoming opportunities being developed in Australia with the involvement of a number of Japanese companies could be first steps to help to realise Japan’s hydrogen society.

To help understand the opportunities in Australia for Japanese companies and how to move forward, our latest report, produced with our alliance firm Allens in Australia, provides guidance on:

  • the Japanese market, financing and supporting the hydrogen economy;
  • how Australia can gear up to help the hydrogen industry thrive; and
  • how Australian can be strategically positioned to be a major developer and exporter of hydrogen.

Read the report